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Integrated monoleaf suspension and steer axle system

Extended Warranty Overview

Product Profile

Warranty Rates

Term (Unlimited Miles) Direct Pricing (USD)
OE Base 1 Year + 1 Year $385
OE Base 1 Year + 2 Years $505
Purchase Claim Procedure Terms and Conditions

SRT - Standard Repair Time Equipped with steertek nxt or steertek Axle

Parts Standard Repair Times
Coverage Under Extended Warranty
Axle Assembly (including Knuckles) 3.2 hours
Knuckle Assembly 2.7 hours per Knuckle
Leaf Spring 1.8 Hours per side
Kingpin Bushings 3.2 Hours per side Parts only
Tie Rods 1.5 hours per Tie Rod End
or Tie Rod Assembly
Parts only
Shock Absorbers
(Hendrickson equipped)
0.5 hours per Shock  
U-bolts/Straight bolts
(Hendrickson equipped)
1 Hour per side  
SOFTEK NXT Inverted Straight bolts 2.5 Hours per side